How big do your cats get?

Females generally grow to 10 to 15lbs. Males generally grow 15 to 36 lbs.

 What food do you feed them?

Free range Royal Canin dry kitten & canned kitten twice daily.

Will they get along with dogs or other cats?

 Yes, they love other animals. Since birth they are socialized and trained to be with other animals. 


How old are they before they are ready to leave?

12 weeks

How do I pay my deposit?

Cashapp, venmo, credit cards, PayPal, or check.

Does the deposit go towards the total price?


At what age should they be spayed or neutered?

5 to 6 months

Yes, to select catteries. 

Weekly brushing & a bath every few months is recommended.

What if I run into questions or concerns in the future?

DAISY DUKES offers a lifetime of support to our clients.

How do we care for their nails?

NEVER declaw them. It is okay to trim, and often, your veterinarian will clip them for a small fee. Please rovide scratching posts throughout the home to prevent unwanted scratching on furniture.


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