Welcome to Daisy Dukes Maine Coons! We're thrilled to have you here, so let us introduce ourselves. We're Cathy and Tammi, two Registered Nurses who share an insatiable love for these majestic felines. Together, we run this meow-tastic cattery that spans across Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan producing some of the best maine coon kittens for sale around. 

Our journey into the world of Maine Coons began back in 2017  when we embarked on a quest to find the crème de la crème of feline royalty. We were determined to bring show quality, genetically tested, and downright adorable European Maine Coons into the lives of cat enthusiasts like you.

Picture this: a whole year of anticipation, countless hours of research, and a touch of luck. Finally, the moment arrived when we handpicked our precious kitties from the most prestigious litters. Daisy, our first shining star, came all the way from an International Show Breeder in Italy. She's got grace, elegance, and a touch of sass that will steal your heart in an instant. Now, enter Duke, our gentle giant with roots tracing back to the vast lands of Russia. He's big, he's beautiful, and he's got a personality as grand as his stature. Together, Daisy and Duke formed the cornerstone of our cattery, Daisy Duke Maine Coons Cattery, and their lineage is nothing short of extraordinary.

As time went on, our passion for Maine Coons only grew stronger. We traveled far and wide, importing from Russia, Italy, Poland, Denmark, and the Ukraine,  leaving no stone unturned to add more outstanding cats to our family. Our collection now boasts many show quality cats from various countries, each bringing their own unique charm and undeniable star power to our feline paradise.

About Daisy Dukes Maine Coons